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Atlantic, Atco, Arista, Victory, Sanctuary, & Eagle Frontiers

Three books were used to record these songs. All can be purchased at Amazon. One book was for the bass, which, if you know anything about Chris Squire, he was one of the most proficient bassists in rock legend.
While I had my doubt about being able to do the vocal parts, I was surprised at how easily they came. Like a lot of male singers, it's easier to sing the high than it is the low. Think of Neal Young, Geddy Lee, etc.
The guitar work was done on a keyboard, as my guitar chops stink. All voices and instruments are mine.

And You And I
Cans & Brahms
Fish, The
Five Percent For Nothing
Heart Of The Sunrise
Long Distance Runaround
Mood For A Day
I've Seen All Good People
South Side of the Sky
Starship Trooper
We Have Heaven*

*The Vocalisa Slavic Women's Choir was used for some parts.