A Tribute To Yanni

yanni.jpg Before heading overseas to spend 6 years in Tokyo, I stopped at a Ted Brown's music store in Tacoma to buy some sheet music to take with me. A young man working there recommended some piano pieces by some guy named 'Yanni' (Greek for 'Johnny'). I'd never heard of the artist, but  I took the kid at his word and crammed the book into my luggage. What a treasure it turned out to be!

It took me about a year to craft the music from this melodic and ingenious composer. Not satisfied with merely a piano, I added drums, bass, etc, to create the pieces below. I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I did playing them.

You can left-click to play or right-click to download to your computer.
All music is copyrighted by Yanni, Inc

A Word In Private
Almost A Whisper
First Touch
Marching Season
Reflections of Passion
Secret Vows
Swept Away
The Mermaid
The Rain Must Fall
True Nature