Robin Trower Tribute Page

trower.jpg How can a keyboardist hope to pull off Robin Trower's sound and still sound like the famous guitarist? With MusicLab's Les Paul Custom virtual guitar, it's not too difficult.

Criticized as a Hendrix clone, Robin still drew huge concert crowds. Personally, I think his lyrics were better than Jimi's drug-inspired pieces. And while Robin Trower could articulate his instrument with both sweet and powerful solos, Jimi relied mostly on image and slop. I speak strictly from musical purity, not popularity.

One thing I always thought strange was bassist,
James Dewar doing the lead vocal parts. Unusual, where egocentric lead guitarists typically rule the stage. One only has to watch a few of the band's early videos to see how uncomfortable Dewar appears on stage.

All parts were done on a Roland keyboard. Enjoy.

Robin Trower
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All music is copyrighted by Chrysalis and Atlantic Records.

About To Begin
Bridge of Sighs
Day of the Eagle
In This Place