Tribute To Wynton Marsalis - Carnaval

While living in the barracks at George AFB (Victorville, CA), a young airman who played the trumpet brought me a book called 'Carnaval.' It was trumpet music from one of Wynton Marsalis' albums of the same name. He wanted me to record the trumpet parts into my MIDI sequencer and put them on tape so that he could practice his horn chops along with the actual music.

I didn't know who Wynton Marsalis was, but I did know that anyone who could play such difficult pieces on a trumpet had to be a musical prodigy. I did as my friend asked, meticulously step-recording* each note into my Amiga computer. I also recorded the piano accompaniment that was written in the book. Once finished, I felt that the songs would benefit from some bass and drums to modernize things a bit. The result is what you hear below.

Everything here was done on an Amiga computer, using Bars & Pipes Professional. All of the instruments you hear came out of a first-generation Roland SoundCanvass and output directly to audio format. No additional processing was done.

Terry DeLaney

You can left-click to play or right-click to download to your computer.
All music is under copyright protection by Wynton Marsalis Enterprises. All rights reserved.

Variations sur Le Carnaval de Venise
The Debutante (Caprice Brilliante)
Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms
Trumpet replaced with flute.
Grand Russian Fantasia
Moto Perpetuo, Op. 11
Trumpet replaced with synthesizer.
Tis the last Rose of Summer
Clarinet/Piano Duet
The Flight of the Bumblebee from Tsar Saltan
Piano Rendition
Napoli – Variations on a Neapolitan Song
Fantaisie Brilliante
Sometime I feel Like a Motherless Child
Flute/Piano Duet
Valse Brillante (Sounds from the Hudson)

*A process where notes are entered, one at a time, into the computer software. No musical finesse is required. However, once done, care must be taken to add expression and nuance so that the overall piece doesn't sound computer-generated.