Original Music

Guitar2.jpg These tunes are all mine, as are all instrument and vocal parts, except where annotated. They were written between 1968 and 1992. Periodic re-recordings were done on some of them as I obtained better gear and software.

All songs (C) 1984, 1991, 1998, 2004, 2014 Terry J. DeLaney

Title Notes
5 O'Clock Blues
I think the 3rd song I wrote. It reflects my hippy/druggie days when jobs were hard to come by.
Afrikan Jam (Instrumental)
When I bought my first synth, I was fascinated with all of the sounds. This is my first attempt at an instrumental piece. The flute and sax solos were taken from J.S. Bach, where I played the score backwards, from end to beginning.
All I Do Is Cry
An early song based on broken love.
All I Want Is Your Love One of these days I need to re-do that guitar intro!
And If You Say To Me A happy tune, written to no one in particular.
Anger Fugue (Instrumental) The first composition I did when I started doing computer-based recording via MIDI.
Another Chance One of my favorite tunes. Written circa 1981 while stationed in the Philippines.
Another Way An early piece based on when I first moved out on my own.
Are You Gonna Set the World Right? A quasi-political song written during the drug-fueled 60's.
Ballerina Written for Patricia S., an American girl I loved in the Philippines.
Boo Hoo A bebop tune and one of my favs.
Break My Chain The Filipinos all loved this song.
Buzzer (Instrumental) I need to re-do this one. It was recorded "on the fly."
Can't Save A Love One of the first songs I wrote. Lead guitar work was done by a forgotten G.I. who did some recording at my house.
Can't You See This tune could have had commercial success.
Can't You Understand An early attempt at songwriting.
Come To Me I was diddling around on the electric piano one day and this song sort of just happened.
Crossed Line A guy in my church had a poem he had written and I set it to music. The original was done much slower, which he didn't like. This one is faster and better sounding.
Crying Doesn't Do My No Good One of my early songs, written when I was 19.
Empty All Those Tears My first Christian rock piece.
Everyday Written circa 1980.
Everytime, Everywhere, Everyone An early hard-rock tune reflecting some of the anger and frustration of my teenage years.
For Me There's Only You A sweet, sappy, slow song.
For You A cute, upbeat tune, maybe the 6th song I wrote.
Fran's Song Written for my sister, Francis, who died in 1999.
Girl, I Need You Written in the early 80s. Sloppy guitar work.
Gypsy Girl Written in the early 70s.
I Can Find My Way A whimsical piece with a long piano solo.
I Cried For You One of my favorite songs. Lead guitar was done by Michael S. Heath.
I Just Can't Stop Loving You One of the best tunes I've ever crafted.
I Love You A nice love song.
I Still Need Your Love Another good tune.
I Write This Song for You Written for my previous wife, Carina, when we first met.
I'll Do It Again Tomorrow Night From the druggy days, and a reflection of how we all get trapped in a cycle of repeating the same old mistakes.
I'm Not the Lonliest Boy Written when I was with Pam. The horrible marriage lasted 6 years but the song is still good.
It Doesn't Matter Another song that came about from goofing around on the keyboard.
I've Been Waiting An upbeat little tune.
Machine A pounding, rock song, that talks about a world dominated by machines.
Maybe Someday Based on an old girlfriend, Carol P.
Molester The last "real" song I wrote, while stationed on Guam in the late 80s. It's about a child molester who commits suicide. Most folks who heard it were creeped out by its sinister harmonies and lyrics. Some parents let me "borrow" their kids to sing the background vocals.
My Little Girl Written originally by Mike Sippo, and was the first song I did. I forgot some of his lyrics so I crafted my own.
My Queen A sappy love song.
No One Ever Listens Runs for less than 2 minutes.
Peace Song Making a political statement, reflecting the 60s.
Remember A poignant song about life. The first stanza is about my brother Kenneth. The second one deals with a teenage love affair I had with Carol P. The third wraps it up with my view on God and eternity.
Sally Macol A fictional person. After I became a Christian, I removed the profanity describing Sally's slutty behavior.
She Loved Me Her Own Way A poem by Kurt Raffield. Set to music while stationed on Guam, in 1987-88.
Something Happened Written in the Philippines, about 1980.
Sometimes I Wonder A nice, hard rock piece.
Song for Carina Originally written when I was a teenager for a girl friend and later changed.
Stop That Running Around Another early attempt at songwriting.
Sulphur-Fire Lake A dark song with a driving organ and drums and killer lead guitar. I forgot who did the guitar work for me.
Superman's Band A whimsical piece that makes no sense.
Til I Met Jesus/You'd Better Get Yourself Together With Jesus Christ A Christian medley. The first part is reaally slow. The second part is a hard-driving song.
When I Fly A drug-inspired song from the 60s.
When I Was Born A jazzy rock tune that sort of reflected my growing up.
When You Love Written in the Philippines.
What Went Wrong With Our Love Written shortly after divorcing Pam.
You Will Stay
Another tune written while in the Philippines.

Untitled Rock Opera

Part 1: I'm Tired Rock operas (also called 'concept albums') were being done by The Who (Tommy, Quadrophenia), Jethro Tull (Thick As A Brick), and others, so I decided to do one of my own. It starts out with a boy who is tired of and bored with life. My "opera" isn't as good as what the pros did, but hey! I was a teenager!
Part 2: Sleep My Life Away He goes to bed and dreams.
Part 3: School The next day, he goes to school, a typical day. Segues into the next song...
Part 4: Don't Believe What You Read Our boy in the song decides to try LSD. Before dabbling in psychedelic drugs, I did a lot of reading on the subject. Everything written by the U.S. government was absolute hogwash. 
Part 5: The Trip A short, LSD-inspired transition. Sally Macol (the girl mentioned) is a fictional person.
Part 6: American Hymn The "opera" ends with this cynical indictment against an immoral and godless society.

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