Beethoven Tribute Page

So what is this all about?

These pieces are some of the great composer's best-loved, but with one small difference—they have drums and bass added! Don't take this stuff seriously; I did it just to see how Beethoven would sound with a little rock 'n roll behind him.

The piano parts were meticulously step-recorded (one note or chord was added at a time). The bass and drum parts were played "live" on top of the piano parts. No compression, no reverb, no effects of any kind were used. It was all done in a MIDI environment, using the Amiga computer and Bars & Pipes Professional. Some artistic license was taken regarding the addition of synths, strings, etc.

FYI, I'm not one of those who pencil draw difficult music and then pass it off as something I accomplished. I had memorized the 22-page Moonlight Sonata,
all three movements. Took about a year, but I had it down. Today, I couldn't play the first 4 bars without the sheet music in front of me. That said, I've never had a lesson. I learned the piano on my own. I also learned Sonata Pathétique, and a few others, playing them front to back with little trouble. But years and arthritis have gone against me. Such is life. Enjoy.

Terry DeLaney

You can left-click to play or right-click to download to your computer.
MIDI files available upon request.

Appassionata (1st Movement)
Appassionata (2nd Movement)
Appassionata (3rd Movement)
Moonlight Sonata (1st Movement)
Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movement)
Sonata Pathetique (1st Movement)
Sonata Pathetique (2nd Movement)
Sonata Pathetique (3rd Movement)
Sonata 16 (Adagio)
Sonata 19 (Andante)