Thief Stuff

Thief 2 Walkthrough'sRicebug's collection of walkthroughs for every Thief 2 mission ever made.

Ricebug's T2 MissionsDownload my missions from this site to make sure you have the latest versions.
Dark Engine Object Converter RSoul's interface allows modders to import original Thief objects and make changes or improvements.515 Kb
T2X - Shadows of the Metal Age
FMSel-ready and modified for New Dark.

kdscriptDynamic weather, fog and other neat stuff. Demo mission, quick start, and docs included. Version 0.7.0
Nameless Voice's Enhancement Pack 2.0Hi-res versions of  Thief objects and textures for use in New Dark. ReadMe779 Mb
Ranstall Keep Color Files
Gecko's DML hack for those who want to play Ranstall Keep in living color. (T2 version)
68 Mb

I have a lot of texture and skin sets for Thief 2, which have been removed from this site due to size constraints.
If there's something you're looking for, email me, and I can temporarily upload it for you.

Thief Fan Mission Stats for 2016