Rush Tribute Page

All songs copyright by Moon, Mercury, Anthem, Vertigo, Atlantic, Roadrunner

All instruments were performed on a Roland synth running RealGuitar software and a Rickenbacker bass module, courtesy of Native Instruments. I did the vocals, obviously, and did not attempt to imitate Geddy Lee. Some of the songs are tuned down a few steps so that I could reach those high notes. Thanks to Alfred Music for the songbooks, without which, I could have never re-created these amazing songs. Throat modelling software by Antares was also used to change the vocal articulation and punch where needed.

Broon's Bane
Closer To The Heart
Cold Fire
Distant Early Warning
Fly By Night Free Will
La Villa Strangiato Limelight
New World Man
Passage To Bangkok
Red Barchetta
Roll The Bones
Spirit of Radio
Tom Sawyer
The Trees
Working Man