A Potpourri of Music I've Done

As of Sept 23, 2018.

Here is a compendium of music I've recorded. Click on a link or right-click and save the mp3 to your music player. (e.g., iPod) Make sure you have decent audio on your computer.

I'm adding an artist a-day until I get everything uploaded.

Warning! Playing my stuff on cheesy computer speakers is forbidden!

You can left-click to play or right-click to download to your computer.

Wynton Marsalis (Rocked Out!)
Beatles Miscellaneous Artists
Bee Gees
Beethoven (Rocked Out!)
Neil Young
Cat Stevens
Paul Revere & the Raiders
Rolling Stones
Cream Simon & Garfunkel
Eagles (In Progress)
Steely Dan
Jimi Hendrix Traffic
Songs I Wrote Yanni

Short Musical Bio

My mother taught me the accordian when I was very young. Old waltzes, gospel hymns...that kind of stuff. When the Beatles hit the scene in '65, I wanted to trade in the squeezebox for a rock 'n roll organ. Got a 4-piece drum set and taught my brother how to drum. We were a 2-man band. I played the bass parts on the black keys of the Farfisa organ. In time, I went through seven drum kits. When digital drum machines arrived, I tossed the drums (my wife hated the noise and the space they took up). I learned the bass, and was very much attracted to 12-string guitars, of which I owned 3 or 4.

I love harmonies, and almost quit the school band because the teacher wanted me on first chair clarinet. I wanted to play the harmony parts. There are perhaps 2 or 3 songs where I used a harmonizer, mainly to do "oohs" and "aahs." Beyond that, they sound too synthetic.

I've been in a bunch of bands, but ultimately preferred recording to performing. I've worked a lot with kids (doing songs for grandma for a Christmas present CD). Did some work with a professional Japanese artist. She was a dancer in Tokyo while I was stationed there. She was a fantastic singer. Worked with many people, mostly guitarists who could play lead.

I've also done a lot of classical stuff, especially Beethoven. (I recorded every piano sonata he wrote.) Wynton Marsalis, Yanni, and so on. I've also composed about 90 songs of my own. Arthritis is making things a tad difficult, and my voice is beginning to fail, mostly due to hearing loss. But it's been a great ride!

Terry DeLaney