The bible has hidden code words that reveal prophetic events.

Not so very long ago, books were snatched from shelves and broadcasts on national television had convinced many that the bible contained secret messages—hidden texts portraying future events. Everything from Kennedy’s assassination to the World Trade Center tragedy has been supposedly predicted by a system of anagrams and letter arrangements within God’s Word. Ninety-nine percent of the prophecies related to America.

Torah Codes became the latest hot topic when David Drosnin wrote The Bible Code.1 He concluded that extraterrestrials had coded prophetic events and the human DNA into the bible. Professor Brendan McKay, who runs the Department of Computer Science at the Australian National University, authored Scientific Refutation of the Bible Codes, which refutes Drosnin’s claims.

Dr. McKay used two famous novels, War and Peace and Moby Dick to duplicate identical results. Since his expertise is in computer science, he exposed that the software used to generate the algorithm had been tweaked by Jewish scientists who thought no one could understand Hebrew enough to see through their conclusions. Google his book or name to read a fairly lengthy and scholarly treatise on the subject.

Many such books have been foisted onto an ignorant and biblically illiterate society, making the authors a ton of money. Yet the unanswered question remains: Why is it that these hidden messages are never discovered until after the event has taken place? Bogus.

Stuff like this engages people to waste their time on nonsense instead of being interested in how Jesus Christ can save their souls.

1Available at Amazon. Also check Wikipedia for a succinct analysis of Drosnin's so-called discoveries.