The King James Version of the bible is the only one you should read.

The KJV is a good bible, but it’s God’s truth that saves, not the arrangement of words and their syntax. I’ve heard folks say that 16th Century English “was what Jesus spoke.” Another once told me, “It’s the language we’ll be speaking in Heaven.” Some think that prayers should be prayed in Old English. This is all bogus extremism that leads the world to believe that Christians are all crackpots.

Foreign language bibles cannot be translated into 16th-Century English, so I guess only those who speak English will be in heaven. Claiming that the KJV is “the most accurate” shows a woeful ignorance of the subject. Even the translators of the King James bible hoped that other, more accurate translations would supersede their effort. Find an old KJV bible and you’ll see it written on the introductory page.

Do you think today’s young people will embrace a bible they can barely understand? In our video-driven culture, today’s youth struggle with modern English. How much less will they understand or be interested in something written centuries ago?

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